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Forensic Investigations - Sample
Failure of Earth Retaining Wall - Concrete Piers & Wood Lagging
Failure of Concrete Piers & Wood Lagging
Cracking & Failure of Concrete Piers & Wood Lagging
Cracking of Concrete Pier Foundation
Causes of Failure
Failure of
Upper Portion
of CMU Wall

(Wind Damage)
Concrete Masonry Unit Construction, Wall Failure Caused by Wind
Defective Concrete: Cracking, Spalling, Scaling - Building Technology Investigations
Defective Concrete Slab - Building Technology Investigations
Defective Concrete Foundation - Infrastructure Investigations
Defective Spalling in Concrete Sidewalk Curb (containing Fly-Ash)-  Building Technology Investigations
Defective Concrete Sidewalk ( Building Technology Investigations)
Termite Damage, Wood-Frame Construction
Extensive Termite
(Load-Bearing Wall)
Effect of Pile
Driving for a
Building on
Defective Concrete
Cracking in  
Brick Masonry
Historic Building
Steel Frame Building: Demolition Accident & Personal Injury
Power Plant Decommissioning Operations
Accident during
CMU Wall after Wind Damage, Bent Reinforcement
Eccentric Connection (Hold-Down) in Wood-Frame Construction
Steel Column/Base-Plate Connection, Eccentricity & Construction Tolerances
Wood Stud Shear Wall, Gaps & Tolerances
Construction Defects?
Historic Brick Masonry Building Affected by Nearby Demolition & New Bridge Construction
Historic Brick Masonry Walls
Historic Brick Masonry Building, Crack Monitors
Hammer Driven Concrete Piles
High-Rise Building on Driven Pre-stressed Concrete Piles
Prestressed Concrete Piles
High-Rise Concrete Commercial Building, Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Floors
Concrete Cracking & Spalling, Post-Tensioning of Concrete Floors
Investigation of
Wood-Framed Building Affected by Fire
Wood-Framed Residential Building
(Fire Damage)
Hillside Building, Distressed Concrete Retaining Wall
Excessive Crack Opening in Concrete Retaining Wall
Large Cracks in Concrete Retaining Wall
Distressed Retaining Wall
(Crack Width!)
Steel Silos on Deep Concrete Slabs
Steel Grain Silos

(Water Intrusion)
Steel Grain Silos & Hoppers
Grain Silos, Steel Cylinders, Overlapped Corrugated Plates
Hillside Building & Landslide
Downhill Clean-up Operations after Mudslide
Slope Protection after Landslide
Landslide & House-Slide?
Failure of Concrete Slab Supported by Wood Posts
Multi-Residential Building

(Failure of Walkway Slab & Stairs)
Commercial Building on Concrete Podium & Columns over Creek
Underwashed and Exposed Concrete Foundation
within Creek
Monorail Transportation Structure & Station: Steel Roof & Platform, Precast Prestressed Concrete Girders & Reinforced Concrete Foundation
Monorail Transportation Structure & Station: Steel Roof and Platform, Precast Prestressed Concrete Girders & Reinforced Concrete Foundation
Transportation Structures

(Design & Construction Disputes)
Multi-unit Residential Building- Construction Defects
Residential Building- Foundation Defects
Apartment Complex

(Construction Defects)
Residential Building- Drainage & Foundation Defects
Residential Building- Concrete Slab Cracking
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Structural Investigation at Ethanol Plant - Slip Formed Reinforced Concrete Multi-Bin Grain Silos & Interstice Bin
Pilaster Crack Monitor - Reinforced Concrete Scalper Flloor Slab & Corn Bin Connection
Cracking - Reinfored Concrete Bin & Blister Wall Connection
Reinforced Concrete
Grain Silos

(Cause of Cracking )